Karina Gusalova is a Yoga teacher and Thai Yoga Massage therapist.

Yoga. Massage. Here is why

uman illusion of separation is the cause of all suffering, thus practicing yoga – the path of union, brings to oneness of being and I am blessed to belong to Yoga sangha . Yoga is the immovable center of my life.

Yoga is the solid force that helps shift perception from separation to oneness. So does Thai Yoga Massage. Both of these healing techniques are nothing but an exchange of energy between humans, in order to realize that we are made of the same stuff, and that we all together One.

How it all began and where it took me

I have started yoga by curiosity, to get fit and be flexible. It took me beyond physical world into the spiritual realm thanks to all the great teachers I found on the way. 3 years later I received 200 hr certification after studying yoga for a year in Mandiram Yoga Dinamico with Gloria Rosales and Gordana Vranjes.

AcroYoga TT11 Omshanti-4926

I have spent few months in India studying in Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, focusing on therapeutic aspects of yoga. in 2013 I have completed Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training Course. Jivamukti Yoga method is liberation through compassion to all beings and it has been a great inspiration for a vigorous physical practice, full of devotion.

Guru’s grace.

Training Curriculum:

  • Mandiram Yoga Dinamico – Teacher Training 2010 200 Hrs
  • Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram – “Heart of Yoga” programme 200 Hrs
Jivamukti Yoga logo

Path of liberation through compassion to all beings

  • JIvamukti Yoga Teacher Training course – 300 Hrs (jivamukti.com)
  • Thai Massage – course by Pau Casstelgue and Till Heeg in OmShanti, workshops with Krishnatakis

Ongoing Projects:

Barcelona Yoga Conference: blogging, coordination

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